40. Mastodon-"Leviathan" 2004

i'm not gonna be one of those a-holes that says mastodon sold out after this album, but i will say that they've never been able to top it. 

39. Converge-"All We Love We Leave Behind" 2012

like the melvins, it was hard to narrow down such a large and fantastic body of work. "awlwlb" seemed to combine everything that converge do so well. 

38. Jucifer-"If Thine Enemy Hunger" 2006

a lot of noise for just 2 people. amber valentine is my future wife. she just doesnt know it yet.

37. Nevermore-"Dead Heart in a Dead world" 2000

very narrowly beat out "This Godless Endeavor". i will always miss warrel dane. his voice was magic. r.i.p. mr dane

36. Zao-"Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest" 1998

zao are a classic case of the influencer that never gets their due. heres proof.

35. Volbeat-"Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood" 2008

say what you want but volbeats 1st 3 albums are fantatsic front to back, even if michael poulson occasionally sounds like the swedish chef. im a sucker for cheese. sue me.

34. Genghis Tron-"Board Up the House" 2008

if "i wont come back alive" and "endless teeth" doesnt get your blood pumping then i cant help you. youre already dead.

33. Bolt Thrower-"Those Once Loyal" 2005

i could have picked "realm of chaos" or "war master" but neither of those albums have "the killchain". so bolt throwers swan song it is.

32. Danzig-"Danzig" 1988

i will never forget the the first time i saw this album art. i fell in love with that skull before id ever heard a note of this record. that love exploded into a life long love affair with this tiny man once i heard "twist of cain" its only gotten stronger as ive gotten older. my most anticipated album this year? "danzig sings elvis". shut up.

31. Pearl Jam-"Vitalogy" 1994

"nothingman" got me through some really difficult times in my shit show of a life. eddie vedder has a way with words that few can match.

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