30. Yob-"Our Raw Heart" 2018

"beauty in falling leaves". goddamn. that song. thats all i have i to say.

29. Motley Crue- "Shout At the Devil" 1983

when i was a kid i used to sneak into my older brothers cassette collection and steal this tape all the time. shout at the devil motherfuckers!

28. Integrity- "Seasons In the Size of Days" 1997

still one of the darkest albums ever made by humans. dwid is one of those people who ive always wanted to meet. ive just always felt like hed be a truly terrifying person to see whats really going on inside his head. maybe im wrong. maybe its all puppies and rainbows in there. nahhh...

27. Today Is the Day-"Temple of the Morning Star" 1997

steve austin falls in the same category as dwid. pain makes the best music.

26. Neurosis-"Times of Grace" 1999

i first heard neurosis in 1996 with "through silver in blood". i liked it but it was unlike anything id ever heard and i dont think my 17 year old brain was ready. 3 years and steve albini later, i was more than ready.

25. High On Fire-"Blessed Black WIngs" 2005

god only knows how many times i burned through this album 15 years ago. its still in heavy in rotation. me thinks it always be.

24. Melvins- "The Trilogy-The Bootlicker, The Maggot, The Crybaby" 1999-2000
ok ok ok its technically 3 albums but its my list so it stays. "the maggot is one of the heaviest albums the melvins ever release and "the bootlicker" is one of most mellow. all covers on "the crybaby", and really lief garret kills on "smells like teen spirit" wow that sentence. wow.

23. Boris-"Akuma No Uta" 2003

i dont understand a word of this. i dont need to. "naki kyoku" is 12 minutes of bliss

22. Trap Them-"Darker Handcraft" 2011

ryan mckenney was a powerful presence and vocalists. something about him just made it easy to buy what he was selling. god i miss this band

21. Alice In Chains-"Jar of Flies" 1994

ive said it before but ill say it again, "nutshell" will be played at my funeral.

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