20. Beastmilk-"Climax" 2013

its very rare for me to find an album that i can let play over and over without skipping a song. this is one of those albums.

19. Young and In the Way-"I Am Not What I Am" 2011

i know these guys had a massive fall from grace but i still love them. and this album contains the 2nd greatest album opener ever

18. Metallica-"...And Justice For All" 1988

i know i know. wheres the bass? lars sucks. hetfields mullet. valid points. ill always defend this album. its by far metallicas most complex and most well written hour. fight me.

17. Helmet-"Betty" 1994

i know most would pick "meantime" but "betty" for me, is a couple steps above "meantime". theres a certain loose jazzy feel to this album that wasnt present before and disappeared after. i really wish theyd held on to that sound. i also wish that mr hamilton had left helmet buried after 1998 but thats another story for another day. 

16. Cast Iron Hike-"Watch It Burn" 1997

the heaviest rock album ever. the vocals take some time to get used to but once they sink in, its just another part of the claw on this album that wont let go.

15. Harrowed-"Into Inferno" 2013

its a relentless 20 minute assault. it beats the hell out of you and makes you beg for more. the vocals. the guitar tone. the beating of "nostromo" right into the slow methodical hammering of the title track dropping right on your big dumb head and then jumping right back into the pummeling of "raw boned witch". goddamn thats powerful combo.

14. Fudge Tunnel-"The Complicated Futility of Ignorance" 1994

the only thing keeping the whole discography from dropping in this spot is the fact that this album has a thicker, deeper sound. its so much heavier than the previous albums. honestly though, theres not a second of this band that i dont love.

13. Entombed-"Wolverine Blues" 1993

"wolverine blues" was an absolute game changer. it started a whole new genre. and solidified an already strong love for me

12. Nirvana-"In Utero" 1993

another band aided by steve albinis magic. a huge sound that just..i dont know...fit? the genius of 3 individuals on full display. nirvana was my generations beatles. they came and went so quick. and shined the brightest on these 12 tracks.

11. Killing Joke-"Killing Joke" 2003

the 1st album after like the 4th reformation of killing joke. and the 2nd self titled album. other than a couple late 80s releases, killing jokes ouput has always been top notch. but it also never topped this one

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