so i before i finish this up i wanted to drop a few albums that almost made the cut. 3 of these were extremely important to my youth. one is life altering. and the other is one of the most under rated thrashterpieces ever

Emptiness-"Nothing But the Whole" 2014
Type O Negative-"Bloody Kisses" 1993
White Zombie-"La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1" 1992
Tool-"Undertow" 1993
Overkill-"Horrorscope" 1991


welp here we go.the top ten. hopefully at least one or two of you weiners got some kind of enjoyment out of finding out what keeps me from showering with a toaster. alright chris and adam you guys are up. hey chris we might have to meet up and drag adam out of his cave.

10. Melvins-"The Atlantic Trilogy-Houdini, Stoner Witch, Stag" 1993-1996

yeah i know, it's another trilogy. and 7 melvins albums in all. but these 3 albums will always be connected. and honestly i cant listen to one of them without wanting to immediately follow it up with something off of the other 2.

9. Guns N' Roses-"Use Your Illusion I & II" 1991

one of the most ambitious double albums in the history of recorded music. 30 songs between them and not a bad track to be found. sure there are a couple that arent as good as the others but theres no complete duds. and thats saying something. honestly some of the deeper cuts here like "breakdown", "locomotive", "bad apples", "don't damn me", and the colossal "coma" are the most rewarding and miles ahead of the hits as far as im concerned.

8. The Secret-"Solve Et Coagula" 2010

this album is the absolute king of the whole blackened hardcore movement. its not even up for debate. its pure nihilistic blackened rage. and it cant be touched.

7. Skid Row-"Slave to the Grind" 1991

i have loved this album for almost 30 years. and before any one of you fuckholes tries to bad mouth it and throw out the h*** m**** tag, just be advised, i will find you and i will bury you. this album is pure metal. its heavy. theres no ballads. it shows why sebastian bach was one of the best frontmen in metal. and its a damn good time. i will always defend sebastian bach era skid row. to the death if necessary.

6. Cursed-"One" 2003

theres not any band i miss more than cursed. "god and country" is one of my all time favorite songs and its the song i turn to when i introduce a newcomer to cursed. after i hit them in the mouth with a cinder block of course.

5. Zao-"Liberate Te Ex Inferis" 1999

this album is so dark and so heavy. and at 41, i love it just as much now as i did 21 years ago. i thought we were supposed to give this shit up when we got older?

4. Alice In Chains-"Dirt" 1992

its hard to believe this album is 28 years old. i grew up in a strict christian household and i can still remember arguing with my parents about this record. they hated the cover. they hated the lyrics. this was the devil. i remember trying to get my mom to buy me "facelift" at walmart (anyone else remember the long boxes that cds used to come in?) and she refused because she thought the guy on the cover was, in her words "smoked up on dope". good times.

3. Danzig-"Danzig II: Lucifuge" 1990.

what sophomore slump? danzig laid that theory to rest with "lucifuge". bigger. heavier. darker. more blues. better songwriting. better sound. better lyrics. and goddamn it, better vocals. everything about this blew the debut away. still does.

2. Converge-"Jane Doe" 2001

every single goddamn time i listen to this record i hear something new. every time. whether its a new pterodactyl screech from jacob bannon or a new riff from saint kurt ballou or a new fill from ginger baker on pcp ben koller, theres always something new to find. and then theres nate newton holding all the chaos together god love him. god i love this record.

1. Faith No More-"Angel Dust" 1992

every single thing about this record is perfect. everything. theres not an album on the planet ive listened to more than "angel dust". from mike pattons versatility to jim martins riffs to roddy bottums keys to billy goulds perfectly funky bass to mike bordins tribal pounding. everything is perfect. think ima go listen to it now. see ya fuckers.


shlager said...

can't argue about your #1!!

julius orange said...

awesome post man. i love the majority of these albums and even the ones i don't love i still respect. but these kinds of posts are always awesome to read and compare with. thanks for the insight!

Jerm said...

Thanks and glad you liked it. I always love seeing these lists and arguing with people about them.