NY In 64 - The Gentle Indifference Of The Night (2017)

Rel. Date: May 26, 2017
Format: 12''
Origin: Keyport, New Jersey (USA)
Genre: Post Hardcore, Post Rock, Instrumental
Label: Dark Operative Digital

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NY In 64 is a 4-piece instrumental band from Keyport, New Jersey that features Justin Hock & Thomas Schlatter of 90's screamo band 'You And I' and Chris Alfano & Seth Rheam of post metal band 'East Of The Wall'. Completely void of vocals, the raw energy of 90’s hardcore supplied by Hock and Schlatter, mixed with the refined technical aspects of progressive metal Alfano and Rheam deliver, were like two worlds colliding. However, it resulted into something that seamlessly blended the two contrary styles. 'The Gentle Indifference Of The Night' is the 2nd album from NY In 64 and the follow-up to the 2015’s self-titled debut album. It documents the band pushing their sonic template to new heights, realizing an even more refined and uniquely inspired style of instrumental hardcore aggression. The hooks are big, the dynamics are deep and textured. 'The Gentle Indifference Of The Night' is a killer album that truly sounds like no other. It's almost comparable to movie soundtracks. Even if you don't like instrumental music, you'll definitely enjoy this fine tune. Highly recommended.!!

NY In 64 - NY 64 (2015)
NY In 64 - The Gentle Indifference Of The Night (2017)

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