The Repos

With a legacy spanning 15 years, THE REPOS reign as living legends at the forefront of contemporary Hardcore. Their first two albums are undisputed sought-after classics. Following years of incredible tape and EP releases and one full-length LP, THE REPOS are the embodiment of all that YOUTH ATTACK represents: outstanding, pure, uncompromising Hardcore. (Press Note)

In the wake of the dismal millennium thrash revival, THE REPOS brought a fresh perspective to hardcore by blending nihilistic humor and dirtbag culture with a furious classic sound that created their own distinct style out of influences like YOUTH OF TODAY, JERRY'S KIDS and CRO-MAGS. Led by legendary frontman Aaron Aspinwall (CHARLES BRONSON, DAS OATH), THE REPOS initiated a legacy with this stunning debut, laying out a template of unhinged three-chord, barebones hardcore that countless bands later emulated. With their patented low regard for showmanship, this classic lets loose with a wallop of timeless Midwestern fury.  (Press Note)

                                                                   Poser LP (2016)
                                                            S/T LP (Remastered 2017)
                                                         Hearts And Heads Explode (Remastered 2017)
                                                         The Repos-Surrender Cassette (2014)

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