Torn Shore - Reduced (2018)

Rel. Date: January 16, 2018
Format: CD
Origin: Wroclaw, Poland
Genre: Hardcore, Chaotic Hardcore
Label: self-released (first 2 releases through Instant Classic)      

Torn Shore is a 4-piece band from Wroclaw, Poland that features (ex-)members of Borderline Collie, Dead Dingo and Perspecto. 'Reduced' is their third full-length album and is made of explosive drumming, chaotic riffing, sludgy heaviness and pretty vicious vocals. Torn Shore walk the path of bands such as Baptists, Converge, Bleak, Jesaiah, Cursed and Trap Them. Be sure to hear some really badass sounds on this album.! It's a truly masterpiece of the genre and should be checked out by everyone who's following this blog. Highly recommended.!!

Torn Shore - Reduced (2018)  
Torn Shore - Lifeburner (2015) 
Torn Shore - Savage (2014) 

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