Sumac - WFMU Live (Cassette) (2018)

Rel. Date: February 02, 2018
Format: Cassette, Digital
Origin: Vashon, WA (USA) / Vancouver, BC (Canada)
Genre: Post Hardcore, Sludge, Experimental
Label: Sige Records    

SUMAC features members of Isis, Old Man Gloom, Mamiffer, Baptists, Russian Circles, These Arms Are Snakes. This is Sumac's Live On Air Recording from Brian Turner’s WFMU radio show, originally aired August 23, 2016. Now released as a limited cassette and in digital format through Sige Records. The cassette edition of 200 is housed in custom printed letterpressed 8 panel j-cards and jewel boxes with artwork by Aaron Turner. This seemlessly played live recording incorporates long passages of improvised jams and walls of noise between their composed songs. Nearly one hour of raw, passionate and dissonant sounds.! Highly recommended.!!

Sumac - WFMU Live

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