DEPRAVATION // ANCST - Split 7" (2018)

Hey everyone, wanted to post about this split since it is now officially streaming and available for purchase. This record is an unholy union of two of Germany's finest, Depravation and Ancst. Both of these bands started putting out music at the same time and both have perfected the art of Blackened Death Crust.

Depravation is especially close to my heart as I fell in love with their debut I​:​PRAEDICTVM, which led them to be one of the very first things I ever wrote about on this blog back in 2013. They are thankfully back again with 2 songs on this split and it marks the first time they have recorded as a 4-piece and also the first time with German lyrics. Their first song, Moloch, is everything I expect to hear from them. A smothering, pitch black wall of riffs featuring their signature scathing vocals and echoing blast beats. Cotard follows it up on a grander scale, offering up the same sense of impending dread, but this time soaked in hypnotizing atmospherics that drag you in and pull you down. The Ancst side holds up well too, giving you more of a technical death metal feel and less of a blackened gut punch, but that's something you should be used to if you are a fan of theirs. 

Overall I would say that anyone who follows this blog should check this out or pick up one of the records. The 100 gold copies are gone I believe but the black vinyl limited to 400 is still around. You can stream the record in full above from Bandcamp and it should be on Spotify etc in a few days. I haven't seen it show up to download yet but you know that's only a matter of time. Until then, buy it or stream the shit out of this.

DEPRAVATION:  Hailing from Gießen, Germany, Depravation have been delivering their own brand of blackened metallic hardcore since their formation in 2011. with 2 EPs, one split and an highly acclaimed album under their belt they have placed themselves on the forefront of dark and metallic hardcore in Germany and beyond.
ANCST:  Berlin doom-mongers Ancst have been constantly pushing it with their crossover sound that is situated somewhere between fierce melodic black / death metal and aggressive metallic hardcore. with a row of releases and tours and shows all over Europe Ancst have been making a name for themselves since 2011. 

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