Malefic Levitation - The Ancient Plague EP (2017)

Rel. Date: November 24, 2017
Format: Cassette
Origin: Fresno, California (USA)
Genre: Blackened Grindcore, Blackened Death Metal
Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories, Dawnbreed Records    

Malefic Levitation is a 3-piece band from Fresno, California which formed in 2017. This band plays a pretty hateful mix of blackened death metal and grindcore. 'The Ancient Plague' is their debut EP released on cassette through Sentient Ruin Laboratories and Dawnbreed Records. Great Stuff.! Highly recommended.!! 

Press Text:
The band name sums it up: malefic and fucking levitating black/death madness from the bowels of hades. Fresno CA-based Malefic Levitation's debut demo/EP is an incinerating onslaught of bestial and pestilent war metal that is shockingly savage and unremittingly barbaric as it unfolds its malevolent spires upon the listener. Bringing together the structurally imploding and collapsing chaos of black/death stalwarts like Revenge, Archgoat, and Diocletian, and the most vile forms of grindcore, Malefic Levitation have created an instant classic in the realm of the most overwhelmingly violent strains of extreme metal, and birthed a sonic abomination whose feral ferocity is matched solely by its unforgiving cruelty. -

Malefic Levitation - The Ancient Plague EP (2017) 

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