HARROWED - Into Inferno [Pre-Order]


FINALLY... You can now pre-order the 'Into Inferno' LP by Harrowed. I've been waiting for this ever since they announced they were recording for it about a year ago. I was blown away by their demo tape, and I knew some of the members used to be in Santa Karla. So, I was pretty confident that this LP was going to be a beast. After hearing a preview track and then hearing the whole thing streaming, it looks like I was right. In a year that has brought countless amazing releases, 'Into Inferno' still has my vote for album of the year. I highly suggest that you get this one, it's a dual-release by UK labels Feast Of Tentacles & Destructive Nature. Plus, you get a free patch if you pre-order. It doesn't look like Destructive Nature has their pre-order set up quite yet, but you can always email them for more info. Otherwise, order it and stream the album below.

From Feast Of Tentacles

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Unknown said...

Great band, rad as hell.
Keep up the great music, great blog.