LETHE - Λήθη


Lethe is a great example of a band that knows how to perfectly execute blackened, hardcore-crust. If you're a fan of anything that's ever been on this blog, then you're going to also be a fan of this band. Lethe is from Greece and features members of Fields Of Locust, Dirty Wombs & Dala Sun. Their 10-song self titled LP is coming out soon and is being co-released by Imminent Destruction Records, Scarecrow Records, No Sanctuary Records, Centipede Records, The Music We Create Records, Eye5 Records & Clean Head records. Jesus Christ, that's a lot of record labels! Get it in digital form below and be on the lookout for the physical copy at the links above.

- download -
1. Nεκροσάβανο
2. Πνιγερή Καταχνιά
3. Ρόλος
4. Αξημέρωτη Νύχτα
5. Έρεβος
6. Σηψικάμινος
7. Αγέλη 
8. Αδιέξοδο 
9. Αντιχριστιανικό
10. Ψωραλέα Δυσανθρωπίλα