ENTOMBED - To Ride... Promo & Early Alt. Mixes


As part of their PledgeMusic Threeman Reissue Campaign, Entombed has recently unloaded a slew of alternate mixes of their 1997 album To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth. From the band:
"Here’s the full first To Ride… album mix that Tomas Skogsberg did on his own…as I remember it Nicke thought the drums didn’t have the room and overhead mics loud enough…so the remix we later released ended up being a little more noisy and harder and sharper sounding around the high-end range of cymbals etc…listening to the finished album on the stereo back at the studio after the mastering we started out on 11 but the kept turning it down a little between songs as it was a little hard on the ears after a couple of tracks. The drum room was a really hard stone room with white painted brick walls. I remember the guys at Roadrunner Records really liked the album but thought they were listening to the rough mix…This alternative mix might be a little cleaner sounding…as I said it’s what was sent out to writers to review…don’t think no promos were made from the actual mix released…now you have both. You be the judge. Enjoy!"
Also made available are earlier mixes of 2 of those songs, Boats & Wreckage:
"Uffe came by the mastering studio and helped going through DAT tapes of multiple takes and mixes. Here are two mixes that very very few people have ever heard…including ourselves even… I had not heard them once at the studio in 1996. Mike Fraser was the second mixer to have a go at To Ride…"

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1. To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth
2. Like This With The Devil
3. Lights Out
4. Wound
5. They
6. Somewhat Peculiar
8. Parasight
9. Damn Deal Done
10. Put Me Out
11. Just As Sad
12. Boats
13. Uffe's Horrorshow
14. Wreckage


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