FISSURE - Self Titled


Fissure is a Hardcore/Fastcore/Punk band from Southern California. They just dropped an 8-song EP on Bandcamp and it is currently shredding my speakers to death. This is some ferocious, deadly shit for fans of ACxDC and Sick/Tired. Not to mention, they have some of the best song titles I've seen in quite a while. If you like what you hear, head over to their Bandcamp page and throw some $$$ at them.

- download -
1. Junkie's Day Off
2. Left-Footed
3. Gary Busey For President Of The Moon
4. Untitled
5. Hey, Bro, You Like Attack Attack!?
6. I Want All Our Songs To Be About Rims
7. I Used To Cut Myself To Dashboard Confessional
8. G.I.M.P.

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