KAPYTAEN - Split & Self Titled Demo


Kapytaen hails from the lands of Franconia in Germany. Yes, Germany. You know what's coming next don't you? That's right, brilliantly executed hardcore crust with insane drums, wretched vocals and perfect guitars. This band is definitely for any fans of other German hardcore like Deathrite, Patsy O' Hara, Hieroglyphs & Kyrest. They just released a split EP with another great band from France called Belladone, which you can also grab below, courtesy of their Bandcamp page.

- download -
1. Pneumothorax
2. 34,7°F
3. Renuntiatio
4. Para Nada
5. Hoffnung
6. Lebensangst

1. Enkonduko
2. Sagart T Suas
3. Para Nada
4. Sobredosis Gris
5. Povera
6. Interlude
7. Bonos Annos
8. Renuntiatio
9. Melu
10. Haista Vittu

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