WAR WOLF - Crushing The Ways Of The Old


'Crushing The Ways Of The Old' is the debut full-length LP from War Wolf, 12 tracks of raging Hardcore/Doom from Brighton, UK. This is their 3rd release and the follow up from the split with Sob Story. This is a joint release between Headless Guru Records, Tadpole Records and Atomsmasher Records. Featuring members from stoner/doom legends Dopefight & Sea Bastard, War Wolf firmly plant themselves right in the middle of the hardcore trenches. I swear, if Entombed was still a great band, this is what they would sound like. They worked hard on this new LP, but they are still cool enough to give it away. So if you like it, feel free to "name your price" on their Bandcamp page. For fans of: Entombed, Infest, Hellmouth, Full Of Hell, Dystopia, Nihilist & Hessian.

Crushing The Ways Of The Old Pre-Order Links:
Headless Guru (vinyl)  -  Atomsmasher (vinyl)  -  Dry Cough (cassette)

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1. Christianity Is Dying
2. Oxygen Thieves
3. The Upper Hand
4. Denial/Decline
5. Doomed To Crave
6. Legalized Love
7. Douse These Cinders
8. Pro Choice
9. Democratic Failures
10. Cave Dwellers
11. The Buried Believer
12. Muskets At Dawn

1. Land Of Betrayal
2. Foxhole nihilist

1. An Ignorant Species
2. Stench Of Death
3. Awakened Gaunt
4. Cometh
5. The Misanthrope
6. War Machine
7. Liberation
8. Slain Deity

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