DEGRADED - Generalized Oppression


Degraded is/was a violent grind punk band from Bordeaux, France. I don't know the whole story but the band has 2 sets of Facebook pages & 2 sets of Bandcamp pages. They are all nearly identical, except the older sets of pages state that the band is dead, whereas the newer set of pages make it seem like some changes are underway but the band is continuing. Either way, they put out a great 18-song LP in April that seems to have gone unnoticed. It's free on both Bandcamp pages and you can still buy a copy of the vinyl at the link above. Well worth a listen if you like your crust punk to have anarcho-grind tendencies.

- download -
1. Dimitris
2. Abstentionism 
3. Mainstream Mediocrity
4. Homs is Falling
5. Nazionist
6. Tradition of Domination
7. Sell your Dignity
8. Banksters Hegemony
9. Heritage
10. Envoy of Passivity
11. Police Brutality
12. Sufferings from Laboratory
13. Communihilist 
14. Security Lies
15. Deception Unleashed 
16. Antispeciesist Action
17. Potential Riot 
18. Generalized Oppression

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