(U.S.)Jaye Jayle-Prisyn LP (2020)

Country: USA
Genre: Lo-Fi, Indie Rock, Experimental

Label: Sargent House 
Tracks: 10
Length: 36.30'

Beginning as a flurry of 7” singles housed in bare-bones dust jackets, Jaye Jayle has evolved into a captivating persona alterna for the Louisville-based singer-guitarist Evan Patterson. Imbuing negative space with hallucinatory mantras, Patterson has embraced his strengths as a storyteller while trekking into thickets of unmarked sonic terrain. With his cohorts Todd Cook on bass, Neal Argabright on drums, and Corey Smith on auxiliary instrumentation, Jaye Jayle unfurls a tapestry of neo-folk economy, krautrock-esque repetition, skid row’s darkest blues, Midwestern indie rock’s nihilism, and Tangerine Dream’s analog oscillations.

Jaye Jayle's newest record Prisyn is out now on all platforms. Prisyn’s ten tracks are composites of various snapshots of Evan Patterson’s three-month tour, with the music taking shape on one leg of the journey and the lyrical components coming from some other moment on the road. Having partnered with Ben Chisholm as collaborator and producer, they created an electronic album completely unlike anything else from the fever dream blues of Jaye Jayle.

(Press Note)

*Wow.  Prisyn is the latest solo album from Jaye Jayle, A.K.A. (Evan Patterson from Young Widows).  Prisyn features ten tracks of dark, moody, and foreboding lo-fi indie rock that could easily be the sound track for a David Lynch or Cohen Brothers movie.  Seriously, Prisyn makes for an awesome listen and definitely should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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Jaye Jayle/Emma Ruth Rundle-The Time Between Us LP (2017)

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