WISENT - Total Liberation (2014) [REVIEW/STREAMING]

GENRE: Black Metal, Ambient, Microtonal, Experimental
FFO: Wolves In The Throne Room, Murmuüre, Urfaust

Named after the endangered Buffalo race which used to live in central europe, WISENT sets a clear aim with their release "Total Liberation": Total Animal Liberation. The band self describes the meaning of this liberation as they see it this way:
"Total Liberation means recognizing that all oppression is connected, and it means a commitment to resisting this oppression in all its forms. "
As for their music, they chose a form of ambient black metal with electronic elements which melts to a strongly atmospheric soundscape. Inspirated by the horrors men brought upon animals and nature in general, their agonized dark sound creates visions of the unbearable guilt of mankind. Wisent stands for Green minded activism, clutching to the rest of hope for a better world, for Men and Animals alike.

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