MORPHINIST - The Euphoria Session (2014)

GENRE: Atmospheric Black Metal, Post-Hardcore
FFO: Galaktik Cancer Squad, Paramnesia, Sun Worship

Morphinist is an ambitious band out of Germany that up until 2 releases ago has been a solo project. Recently a studio bassist has been added to lessen the burden. This stuff sounds AMAZING for not having a full band, I'm blown away. Atmospheric metal isn't really my favorite thing, but this latest release is very loud and catchy with a lot more of a hardcore influence. This album was first recorded in August 2013 but never finished. One year later in August 2014 it was re-recorded to get better quality. Their stuff has always been "name your price" on Bandcamp, so earlier today this went up the same way, but the band asked for any donations possible as they need a new amp. Well, it looks like people downloaded a ton but didn't offer much money, so it's gone to €2 in order to salvage the monthly download limit. So, I normally wouldn't bring this up, but take a listen below and if you dig it, consider coughing up the €2. It's less than $3 US for over 30 minutes of music. Well worth it IMHO.

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Anonymous said...

You sir are one of the few who really understand the meaning of supporting your favorite artists. Thank you!