KNIVAD - New Songs (2014)

GENRE: Crust Punk, Metallic Hardcore
FFO: Centuries, Trap Them, Deathrite
D/LZippyshare or Bandcamp

Check out some absolutely killer new songs by Knivad from Sweden. According to the band, Knivad is Swedish for something like "stabbed in the throat by a fucking knife!". That makes sense because these songs sound like they could be the soundtrack to a knife fight in some filthy European back alley. They are fast and pissed off with a raw production that just sounds perfect. Everything else on their Bandcamp page is free as well. Download this and start a pit.


Anonymous said...

Im going back a few posts here but I think I found the cobra noir demo. It's on bandcamp for free. Along with a lot of other free canadian shit. Look up all the monuments theyve built on bandcamp and there a demo from 2004 by the black cobra. Pretty sure thats the demo you mentioned in the cobra noir post

Anonymous said...

Also in case you didn't know and wanted to know there is another page on bandcamp called Quebec underground that has a bunch of free canadian hardcore. Thats where u initially found cobra noir

Anonymous said...

*I initially found