JOHNNYHATKRÄETZE - Aufgeklärter Absolutismus (2014)

GENRE: Powerviolence, Fastcore, Hardcore Punk
FFO: Infest, Weekend Nachos, Ground
D/L "Aufgeklärter Absolutismus"

Adam gave me the opportunity to post some propaganda for my own band, Johnnykatkräetze (Or in short form which is probably more comfortable for non-German speakers: J.H.K.)!

About one year ago we started to rehearse as a group of buddies who wanted to make fast, pissed off music - and that we did! Having kind help from Berlin`s Fleshbug crew and Moving Sounds recording we managed to record 15 songs + a cover track in no time (because none of our songs are longer than 3 minutes).

The aim of the band is to point out fucked up things in society around us, in or home town and in humanity in general... Main theme is us being pissed off about the Neo-Prussian cult at the place we live, where rich bastards rebuild Prussian monuments and just close their eyes to the obvious militaristic, monarchistic and absolutistic statements of these buildings. The album title, therefore, "Aufgeklärter Absolutismus" (which means: Enlightened Absolutism) aims toward the absolutist structures in which we still live: the Capitalistic Absolutism!

We say: FUCK THAT! So feel free to get a free download and have listen to our tunes!

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