SEVENTYEIGHTDAYS - Discography via Abridged Pause

SeventyEightDays featured former members of Chokehold and future members of The Swarm. Heavily inspired by Drive Like Jehu, this band was basically Hot Snakes a few years before Hot Snakes existed. And everyone loves Hot Snakes, right? I found this, along with a shitload of other great Canadian treasures at the Abridged Pause blog. You can click the image above to read more about SeventyEightDays and to download their 2 releases from 1997 & 1998. You can't find their stuff anywhere so I also put their first CD on YouTube so you can check it out first if you want below. After you grab this, I HIGHLY suggest that you explore the rest of the Abridged Pause blog, ESPECIALLY their Band Retrospectives. Literally tons of behind the scenes info on legendary Candian hardcore bands like Left For Dead, Funerary, Ire, The Black Hand, Acrid and many many more.

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