COBRA NOIR (FKA The Black Cobra)

GENRE: Dark Hardcore, Punk, Sludge
FFO: Coliseum, Cursed, Black Ships, The Black Hand, Young And In The Way
D/L "Abode Of The Dead"
D/L "Barricades"

D/L "Road To Ruins"
D/L "Split With The Holy Mountain"
D/L "Studio 3 Live Session"

I can't mention Mi Amore and other Canadian hardcore bands without also heaping massive amounts of praise upon Quebec's COBRA NOIR. Also existing in the mid-late 2000's, this band did their part in laying the groundwork for every good hardcore band you hear today. Half of their stuff is damn near impossible to find, digitally or physically, but I managed to scrape together their 2 LP's and a few more at the links above. Their first LP, Abode Of The Dead (2005), is about as close in feel and tone to Cursed as you are going to find in a record. You should be downloading this shit at this point. Their next LP, Barricades (2006), seems almost purposefully under-produced in comparison, but for any fan of Coliseum or Heartless, this is a joy to hear. Listening to these records today, they are still completely and absolutely relevant. It's hard to believe they were recorded almost a decade ago. And if you happen to have MP3's of their Demonstration, Self-Titled or Last Days split 7", please let us know.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this and the mi amore post. Ire and the black hand deserve a post too

Anonymous said...

Also im with all the fanfuckingtastic canadian shit ive found over the last year or so im really surprised at how pissed those people are. Thought canadians were always supposed to be polite? And pleasant?

Anonymous said...

Abode of the the dead blasting in the headphones and the rumple minze is kicking in. Fuck yeah

ADAM said...

HAHA right on man, glad you are enjoying it. I may get around to posting about Ire & The Black Hand but I wanted to get Mi Amore & Cobra Noir done first.

In the meantime, you can download Ire here:

And The Black Hand here:

ADAM said...

Thanks man... you rule. Couldn't find that damn thing anywhere!