ALARIDOS - Discography (2013-2014)

GENRE: Crust, Mincecore, Grind Punk
FFO: Agathocles, Drudge, Malignant Tumour, etc.
D/L (Free on Bandcamp)

Old, Dirty and well executed (really good played) crust punk us back to the most ancient sounds of the genre. Something like a hybrid between the old Napalm Death and  Agathocles Mincecore's masters, compositions made ​​the old way (3 or 4 notes in 2 cuts) that highlight a clear influence of the Belgians. Band lyrics speak of timeless social and personal topics, distress the siege of day to reach the end anxiety and despair for a future denied.

Alaridos playing a first record called "Ciudad Paranoia" (Paranoic City) with a primitive sounds, i think in the crustpunk oldschool way, this year they surprise us with a recording 3 tracks to stumble and create the need for more.

Good buzz and excellent drug!!!

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