People Problem is a 4-piece from Perth, Australia that have been around for about a year, but have managed to fly under the radar, as far as I can tell, although I have no clue what the scene is like in Perth. Either way, I guarantee they are under-appreciated, because this band fucking rules. They have put out a demo, a 7" and a soon-to-be-released cassette. Every damn second of every song is gold, no filler. The riff-filled production is absolutely perfect, even on the demo. I don't even want to write any more, you just need to download everything here and buy all their shit. Fans of The Swarm, Trap Them, Dead In The Dirt, Caged Grave, Dropdead & Sick/Tired are going to eat this up.

- download -
to be released on Helta Skelta Records soon, ltd. to 100 copies
1. Royal Miscarriage
2. Depressus Fossor
3. Bleech Thrill
4. Gag
5. Maim Me
6. Drone Lag

1. Maximum Perversion
2. Gay Panic
3. Don't Fuk Me
4. Broken English
5. Red Spot
6. Nudes 4 Demo Tape
7. Man The Knife
8. Grated

1. Stuck
2. Chemically Unbalanced
3. Perpetual Nightmare
4. Proud Men
5. Mind Eruption
6. Pllaged
7. Illustrious