EL HAMBRE - Self Titled


El Hambre (The Hunger in english) is a grind n' roll band (yeah I may have just made that up) from Valencia, Spain. Once again, I don't really know much about this band, not much info on Facebook. But I can tell you that these 5 songs they put on Bandcamp are fucking great! Amazing production, tons of blast beats but also tons of riffs. They REALLY remind of the UK band Throats, and that my friends is a good thing. Definitely grab this!

- download -
1. Desmembrado
2. Confundes Bien Con Mal
3. Valkiria
4. Cristo Mal
5. Mandibulas De Metal


eraser said...

finally!!! oh my god!!!, i know this band since years i always was expectant, looking their social media (fucked myspace)... thanks men!!

i'm not sure 100%, I forguet almost the info about the band but I think that someone of the band played in Overnoise, one of the best grindcore spanish bands, the sound is very similar, search Overnoise - Lethal Ways To Hell's Kitchen Doors, if you don't find it, give me a touch in our chatbox

ADAM said...

Hey thanks for the info eraser! it's so good! i've never heard of them before. i hope they decide to upload more music! Going to go look for Overnoise now! Thanks for the tip

eraser said...

here you have: http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/92305655/file.html

ADAM said...


David said...

This band are incredible. Thanks for the heads up. And thanks eraser for that link, will definitely check them out too!