DEADPRESSURE - O.G.Demo + Dead Side Story Vol I


DEADPRESSURE is a trio of homies from San Jose, CA that formed in Feb. 2012. They play a mind-crushing brand of brutal powerviolence that smothers you from the start and never lets up. For fans of Heartless, Dead In The Dirt, Hatred Surge & Full Of Hell.

From the label:
"Utterly crushing hardcore/powerviolence/grind from San Jose. For those not familiar with the work of DEADPRESSURE, you're fucking up. They've been holding the bay area down for the past year with an iron fisted supremacy that few bands can even touch. If you like fast hardcore and carry a fucking knife, If you just like fast ugly hardcore, or even if you just like to fucking carry a knife, this is for you. Thick and dirty bass, fucking buzzsaw guitars, from the blast beats to the tom work, it's all on fucking lock. Heinously to the point and heavy as fuck. "DEAD SIDE STORY VOL. I" is the debut vinyl release from these south bay beasts. With a sense of originality commonly unseen in contemporary acts bitching about the powerviolence. Consistently bringing the heat, No slack in their mack, ya'll should just get down, or lay down. Real shit for real folks."

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1.  Pentagram Pizza
2. Read These Nikes
3. Osama's Surprise Party
4. Frogball
5. Lisoexia
6. I Wrote This Shit
7. Pantscrapper

1. You Call Yourself A Man?
2. Don't Like
3. The Core
4. Fingerhat
5. Governation
6. Patterns
7. Facepplant
8. Bath Salts
9. Hardcore Dance, I Dare You
10. Built To Be Torn Down

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