Miserable Failure brings the metallic, punk/crust you crave. Hailing from Lille, France, the band was born out of a common interest in grindcore & punk between friends, one of which happens to run the label (Kaotoxin) that this digital EP is released through. For fans of Dead In The Dirt etc... Here's a description from the label:
"The brand new MISERABLE FAILURE EP, for FREE, (yes, free, like 0.00 €). After the 2013 "Miserable Fucking Society" split CD with Infected Society and F Stands For Fuck You, four brand new tracks of Grindcore failure by a miserable band from France's stinkhole. Life sucks, and then you die (but meanwhile, there's Miserable Failure!)."
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1. The Blueprints Of Self-Disgust
2. One More Reason To Set This World On Fire
3. Goodbye & Good Riddance
4. This World Ain't Mine

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