Bringing you another killer band from Perth, Australia today. Flesh Police put out this demo back in April of 2013 but somehow I missed it. Shame on me. You might have caught it at Cut & Paste or Operation Grindcore, but if not, you're in luck because this is something you should definitely have. This is a huge demo with 14 tracks of smothering grindcore & powerviolence. The first two bands that come to mind as I listen to this demo are Heartless & Negative Standards. If you know those bands, then you should know what to expect from Flesh Police. You can also download a live recording over at Reel Muzak and keep an eye out for a new split cassette with Melbourne's Split Teeth in the next couple of months.

- download -
tapes available from thefleshpolice@gmail.com
1. Sanctity
2. Down
3. Raw Male Power
4. Ignorant
5. Severance
6. Submission
7. Consequence
8. Arrival
9. Honesty
10. Parasite
11. Hour Of The Goat
12. Old Rope
13. Respite
14. Failure

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