DERVISH - Dominion


Dervish is a newer 4-piece band from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. They just released their side of a split cassette with Two Crosses (a similar band sharing some members), and will be going on a small tour with them as well. The tapes will be exclusive to the tour, with possible online distro later. The Two Crosses side of the split should be popping up on their Bandcamp page soon though. 

As for Dervish's side, 'Dominion' will terrify you with haunting samples & atmospheric creepiness strewn across the 9 tracks, and just when you think it's safe, you'll get steamrolled by some of the most violent, chaotic hardcore I've heard from a debut in quite some time. Blistering production, blast beats, breakdowns, riffs to break your neck & some vile, menacing vocals are what you'll find here. Everything is woven together masterfully and it's all over far too quick. Any fan of Sick/Tired, Deathseekers, Rot In Hell, Razoreater or Iced Out is going to fucking love this. Can't wait to hear more from them.

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1. Self-Inflicted
2. Dominion
3. Hidden World
4. Servitude
5. Ghosts
6. Control
7. Languish
8. Disconnect
9. Loss

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