SANGUS LEGIONARIS - Vengeful Brutality + Demos

Sangus Legio is a 5-piece, misanthropic black/thrash/crust band from Providence, RI featuring members of Paindriver, Haxen, Sin of Angels, Nachzehrer & I, Destroyer. Their influences include Sarcofago, Impaled Nazarene, Nifelheim, Driller Killer, Gauze & Kuro. In May of 2013 they put out a demo cassette limited to 200 copies titled 'Vengeful Brutality'. This is pretty much a perfect name for this release. It's just mean and punishing as hell and very well executed. They also recently put up some rehearsal demos on their Bandcamp page, and while they aren't as polished (obviously), it's definitely in the same vein.

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1. Bone Collector
2. Gaspipe
3. Si Brucera

1. Blood Legions
2. Leeching Pigs
3. Strega
4. Genocidio

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