(U.S.) Atrament-Scum Sect LP (2018)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Ccrust
Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Tracks: 10
Length: 24.15'

Dear Friends in the Press and Media worldwide -  we're happy to present you the second bludgeoning LP by dark crust punk vandals Atrament. This ill be a collaboration between Sentient Ruin, Blood Harvest Records, and Caligari Records (infos below).

Atrament (who feature in their ranks current and past members of Vastum, Necrot, Mortuous, Abstracter, Moral Void, and Black September) return with "Scum Sect", a thirty minute sophomore offering of sprawling hostility and of marvelously regressed sonic barbarism. Fusing together crust/anarcho punk, black and death metal with classic Swedish D-Beat, Atrament draw influence from bands like Doom, Discharge, Deviated Instinct, Skitsystem, Craft, Darkthrone and Dismember to instate widespread terror and summon total sonic warfare. Scum Sect is a must listen for any fan of Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, Gehenna, Vallenfyre, Acephalix, etc.

The release has already been picked up by various high profile publications who've premiered a track each of the release and expressed marvel at the band's unrelenting and spiteful sonic assault, with Revolver Magazine calling Scum Sect an "LP of D-Beat destruction", Decibel Magazine calling the band a "super group" and claiming that Scum Sect is "another new vehicle for the members' black misery", and CVLT Nation finally exclaiming that Scum Sect is a "D-Beat apocalypse".

Indeed tapping into a new realm of barbarism, Scum Sect, is Atrament's most vile and malevolent music to date and one of the most violent and wretched heavy punk albums of the year. Within the total chaos and endless destruction of these harrowing thirty minutes, the listener will face a world riddled with plague and torment that appears hopeless and torn as an utter firestorm of crashing d-beats, shrapnel-infused riffs, and abhorrent atmospheres is unleashed upon them with methodical hostility.

(Press Note)

*Holy Fuck!  This album is absolutely amazing!  Members of Abstracter, Moral Void, Vastum, and Black September.  Enough said as far as how good this album is!  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!  Scum Sect was released via Sentient Ruin, Blood Harvest, and Caligari records on 9/28/18!

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