RAMPANT - Self Titled EP

From: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Genre: Blackened Crust, Grindcore
Released: August 25, 2018
Tracks: 2
Length: 4m 49s

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OK, so I know this is only 2 songs, and that's kind of annoying, but holy shit this band is amazing. When I think of other bands to compare them to, the one that keeps coming to mind is The Secret. And that should be all you need to know about this release.


Jerm said...

I'm definitely picking up a secret vibe here. Just wish those vocals were a little more buried in the mix. Someone hook these guys up with kurt ballou

Jerm said...

Also I'd like to point out that hyenas are an underutilized animal in metal. They're exceptionally disgusting animals. Perfect for metal. Enough with the wolves and goats. More hyenas.

Andrew C said...

Holy cow, where did this band come from?