(BEL) VVOVNDS/Soul Grip-Split 12" (2018)

Country: Belgium
Genre: Post Metal,  Hardcore, Punk, Crust, Black Metal, Noise
Label: Hypertension Records
Tracks: 4
Length: 32.0'

In the wake of their violent and haunting debut "Descending Flesh" (HYPE 021) VVOVNDS and Dutch noise outfit Svartvit teamed up for an exclusive collaborative set at both Rock Herk & Incubate Festival. The output of this collaboration was entitled “On A Noose”,  a 10-minute nihilistic, harsh & heavy beast. Building on layers & layers of high-pitched noise & palm-muted distorted loops, “On A Noose” sees VVOVNDS exploring new territory - while still maintaining the same intensity the band is known for . Recorded, mixed and mastered at House Rott Child by Christophe ‘Chuck’ Dexters (The Rott Childs, El Guapo Stuntteam) in Spring 2017, ‘On A Noose” is now finally set to be released on a split 12” with Soul Grip.

Soul Grip, a Ghent based outfit that made an immediate impression with their debut offering ‘Avadon’ (2015 - Consouling Records), unmistakably a (post-)hardcore album but with a severe (black) metal twist to it. As Soul Grip is gearing up to unleash its new album, they are granting us a look at their matured sound. You can expect the same raw energy that characterized ‘Avadon’, but more fleshed out and more focused. Hard and harsh sounds which for all intents and purposes can be branded as black metal yet, their music constantly defies labelling them as such. (Press Note)

*This is some seriously epic sounding post metal, crust, black metal, and sludge from Belgium's VVOVNDS and Ghent, Belgium's Soul Grip.  For this release. VVOVNDS offer up one track of epic sounding post metal, crust, black metal, and noise.  The second three tracks come courtesy of Ghent, Belgium's Soul Grip.  On their side of the split, Soul Grip offer up three tracks of hardcore, punk, crust, and black metal.  Overall, this is an amazing release and definitely should not be missed!  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!  This amazing split was released via Hypertension and Consouling Sounds records on June 8th, 2018.VVOVNDS on BandcampSoul Grip on BandcampHypertension Records on Bandcamp Purchase Listen Here VVOVNDS-Descending Flesh LP (2015) 

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