(U.S.) Infuriate-S/T LP (2018)

Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash

Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Tracks: 8
Length: 28.10'

Featuring members of Sarcolytic, Sect Of Execration, Images of Violence, ID and Whore Of Bethlelem this is absolutely merciless golden-era brutal death coming straight out of Texas!

A group of Texas all-stars, Infuriate was founded in late 2015 in Austin by Sterling Junkin (Id, Widower, Laughing and Lying, Venereal Baptism) and Steven Watkins (Serpentian, Sect of Execration, Sarcolytic, Images of Violence). Quick to jump on board were James Vandenberg (Whore of Bethlehem) and Jason Garza (Id, Blast Perversion, Slow Grind). Needing some low end, Alan Berryman (Whore of Bethlehem, Cathexis) was summoned for bass duties and a full line up was quickly formed. After a few months, James Vandenberg parted ways on good terms. That left Infuriate with vocal and lyrical duties to deal with. Sterling stepped up for lyric writing and Jason was a perfect fit for vocal and guitar duties. A practice session was recorded by A.R. Mendez and was later used as demonstration material which can be found on their bandcamp as well as Everlasting Spew bandcamp. After about a year and a half of songwriting, 9 tracks had been arranged for Infuriate's debut self titled album. The album contains a wide range of sinister topics that focus mainly on the brutal side of nature and unconscientious human behavior. The music is highly influenced by late 90's death metal with a modern speed. All artwork for the album was done by the legendary Jon Zig. Images for every song were made for a more vivid lyric booklet. A.R. Mendez was again requested for Producing duties.  (Press Note)

*Holy fuck.  This album absolutely rips!  Infuriate offer up eight tracks of vicious black metal, death metal, and thrash.  Infuriate's self-titled debut was released via Everlasting Spew records on August 31st, 2018.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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