My New Weekend Schedule

Hey all, this is just a small update / heads up about how I'm going to be posting for a while. I never really have time for the blog during the week, and I seem to be having less and less time for it during the weekend. So I'm always trying to streamline my posting style so that I can keep up with it while keeping  it interesting. I know it might come off as me being lazy, but I really just don't have the time. Since Chris mainly posts Mon-Thurs, I've been trying to fill up the weekend days with content. I've been enjoying switching it up, not sure if everyone feels that way, but just to help me stay on schedule, I've decided to schedule out my weekends and make posting as simple as possible.

Friday will now be known as Free Bandcamp Friday. I'll gather up my finds from my weekly trolling of Bandcamp and just dump them all in one big post. Chris might take one and do an actual write up on it. Jerm might take one and create one of his patented run-on sentence reviews with total lack of regard for punctuation. Or of course you can just stream them all here, or download them all for free from Bandcamp

Saturdays will continue to be known as Synth Saturday. This is pretty self-explanatory. Basically the same as Fridays. Except more Synth. And wavezzzz

Sundays will now be known as Surprise Package / Spotify Sunday. I will take a deep dive into the chat and pull out some gems that qualify for Surprise Package status. I will also update the Spotify weekly playlist with the new posts from the last week.

That pretty much covers it. I hope you guys get something out of my weekend posts. 
Here is the inaugural Free Bandcamp Fiday!

Lastly, there is UxDxS. These are a few years old but I randomly ran across them and I have never heard of this band. This is some Old School GrindViolence that will fuck you up.


Jerm said...

Punctuations overrated

ADAM said...

god dammit

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