It was a night of sweaty rock n roll, fuzz, traditional metal and street doom (whatever that means exactly...). Rattlesnake and Mick's Jaguar brought all of the rock n roll swagger and boogie you could hope for. Mick's Jaguar just released their new LP on Riding Easy Records (label home of R.I.P. as well); if their show is any indicator of how the album is it will be a really great listen for fans of Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, and plain fun party rock, plus they have a triple guitar attack. R.I.P. was beyond awesome. They began the evening by announcing themselves as the first true metal show anyone in attendance had ever seen. Whether or not that is true they left everyone at Saint Vitus satisfied customers! Try and see them if you can, who doesn't love a front man with a scythe as his custom mic stand?

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