Pharmakos-Rot EP (2018)

Country: USA
Genre: Post Punk, Post Rock, Death Rock, Experimental
Label: Self-Released
Tracks: 7
Length: 25.12'

Pharmakos is the musical of project of Cole Hill who is currently from Brooklyn NY who started creating music in Dallas Texas in 2011.  Pharmakos play a hauntingly eerie style of music that incorporates elements of post punk, experimental post rock, and death rock within his sound.  Since forming in 2011, Pharmakos have released a fourteen song LP titled Nude in April of 2014 and a digital single titled When I Consider Everything That Grows in April of 2018. Rot is Pharmakos' latest EP, which was released on June 1st, 2018.  On Rot, Pharmakos offer up seven tracks of killer post punk, experimental post rock, and death rock.  Overall, Rot makes for an awesome listen and is definitely worth checking out.  Great stuff!  Enjoy!

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