Excantation - Pilgrimage of the Imperator (2018)

Excantation are a two-man Funeral Doom band from San Antonio, TX. They released their first full-length, A Somber Endeavor, on December 4th, 2017. Their latest offering, Pilgrimage of the Imperator, was released on April 17th, 2018. This duo create one crushing, and nasty example of this grim genre. Shane Elwell is behind the majority of what you hear, as he is the vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer, while Ryan Wilson layers everything with organ, and keyboards. Shane & Ryan play together in the bands Intestinal Disgorge, and Festering Wounds. Ryan is the sole member/mastermind behind The Howling Void, and Pneuma Hagion. Shane also plays in numerous bands such as Flesh Consumed, Vaginal Bear Trap, and Urosepsis. They combine to create an atmospheric, and epic experience, while keeping things nice, and ferocious. I was shocked to find out they were unsigned, and this is one of the reasons I chose them for my first post here on DAATP. While still a relatively new project, I honestly feel like they have the foundation for something pretty special. Excantation cite Mournful Congregation, Asunder, and Hamferð as influences. All-in-all Pilgimage of the Imperator is one beast of a fucking album. Highly recommended for fans of massive, slow, and pulverizing heaviness. All of their stuff is on bandcamp, and is name your price. Enjoy, and support if you like what you hear.

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