Country: UK
Label: Self Released 
Genre: Punk, Tank Punk, Hardcore, PowerViolence 
Release Date: February 24, 2017

Today I present to you the noisy, unhinged and full of anti-fascist venom " SKINNERS II" LP! Hailing from Bath, U.K  and formed some time in the year 2014, this self described "Punk Commie Propaganda Mouth Piece" brings an LP that comes out swinging right from the gate... dirty sounding bass guitar sets the tone behind guitar swells, improvs and squeals. This is not your usual PowerViolence or EmoViolence band. 
The music leans into you and hits hard. The dual guitars & dirty bass keep you checked in with well written riffs and a healthy dose of experimentation that is hard to find in this particular area of underground music. Never too melodic, but still catchy and especially sick soloing and Pedalboard play. Sometimes they are bringing me back to 2006-2010 era Magrudergrind, which is fucking awesome.
The drumming is notable as well, as this album was undoubtedly tracked live, and the drummer is steering this ship of perfectly pissed off and composed commie punk with amazing composure. If you need blast beats , rest assured there are plenty to be had, although my most notable remarks would be: The composition of the percussion makes these songs exactly what you would want without being predictable. Which another area where this band excels in a sub-genre that does not necessarily have these qualities as the focal point.
I can't leave out the passionate vocal performance. I couldn't imagine anyone else over what I have just described than their current vocalist. The lyrics are witty and sharp and delivered excellently. The vocals have just enough hardcore and screamo styling mixed in to give the entire album a very frustrated kind of vibe. If the musicians were painting composure while experimenting, the vocalist is the perfect contrast to that.
 An onion in the whiskey. 

 In closing, SKINNERS hit sweet spots of organic experimentation while never losing their hard right cross of dual guitars, bass, well delivered drumming and frantic vocalizing.  No bullshit or filler is to be found  here Comrades! 

FFO: Charles Bronson, Void, Witch Cult, Magrudergrind (S/T and Earlier), Hassan I Sabbah



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