Meth-The Children Are Watching EP (2017)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Screamo, Grindcore
Label: Self-Released 
Tracks: 5
Length: 2.4'

Meth is a two piece band from Chicago, Illinois who formed in early 2017.  Meth features Seb Alvarez from Tweak, Split Tongue, Other Masquerades, etc. on guitar, drums, bass, and noise samples.  Meth play a harsh and abrasive style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, screamo, and grindcore within their sound.  The Children Are Watching is the band's debut five song EP, which was released on June 14th, 2017.  On The Children Are Watching, Meth offer up five tracks of chaotic and brutal as fuck sounding noise damaged hardcore, punk, screamo, and grindcore.  Overall, The Children Are watching makes for a great listen.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

(Band Submission)

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