TIRED MINDS - Loom LP (2017)

From their Bandcamp page:

Art As Catharsis are proud to announce the release of LOOM, by Newcastle’s Tired Minds. With LOOM, Tired Minds have achieved something truly remarkable. While one might be tempted to label them hardcore, their sonic palette extends far beyond traditional boundaries. Bursts of technicality, layered guitar work, and an experimental, free-flowing approach to songwriting have allowed Tired Minds to create an album that is raw, powerful, and utterly unique. 

At various points, LOOM calls to mind The Dillinger Escape Plan through bursts of violence; La Dispute with it’s intense emotional content; Converge through the beautiful, organic production; Cursed in the darkness that swirls underneath the music; even The Bronx in rare moments of rock-catchiness. This is Australian heavy music at its very best.

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