so I went to see the new guardians of the galaxy on Friday (almost as good as the first by the way) and since then ive had both guardians soundtracks on repeat. aside from being great movies and great soundtracks, the music from those movies makes you feel good. makes you smile. you cant help but smile when listening to "mr. blue sky" by electric light orchestra and think about baby groot dancing around and mr. magoo-like avoiding the chaos behind him. 2 days of this happy sunshine good time music. time to come back down to earth. enter dark habits. dark habits is not happy. dark habits will not make you smile. and furthermore I'm pretty convinced that dark habits hates you and wants to see you bleed. norman greenbaum and blue suede want you sing along and snap your fingers. dark habits want you to scream in pain and snap your bones. dark habits is pure fury. pure rage. you like full of hell? you like nails? you like the secret? you like column of heaven? you will like dark habits.

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