(CAN) Mind Mold-S/T EP (2017)

Country: Canada
Genre: Post Metal, Blackgaze, Noise Rock, Experimental
Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Tracks: 5
Length: 20.2'

We are extremely excited to announce and present you the debut self-titled EP by Canadian avant-garde dissonance black-doom machine MIND MOLD.
Decibel Magazine is now streaming Antipath - a song extrapolated from Mind Mold’s debut EP which we will release on April 28 2017 digitally and on cassette - you can check out their stream/feature HERE. Decibel have described Mind Mold as a band that “sounds like a mash-up between Gorguts and Deathspell Omega if someone chopped and screwed parts of the song at random”, and that their music is “so off-kilter you'll wonder how the band plays it without tipping over - and before it's over they manage to add in a dour melody line that tries to make you forget you were on the verge of retching misery just a minute ago”.

Keep reading and listen for your self, and you will soon realize how this could be...

Spawned by the minds of Calgary, Alberta-based musicians Robert LaChance (guitarist of Canadian dark grind devastators WAKE), Will Bjorndahl, and Ryan Kennedy (of Calgary-based avantgarde grind anomaly Seminary), Mind Mold’s debut self-titled EP is a morbid study, excavation, and rupturing re-incarnation of 90’s noise rock, shoegaze, hardcore, and experimental metal, embodied as five tracks of mind-shattering and flesh-ravaging blackened doom - plagued by oozing striations of noise rock, industrial, and the darkest strains of hardcore. A dark and hopeless descent into total crush depth where the aesthetics and primordial intents of bands like Neurosis, Red Harvest, Blut Aus Nord, Today Is The Day, Rorschach, Jesu/Godflesh, and Swans coexist in majestic and torturous harmony, incarnated through a surreal and suffocating kaleidoscope of sound made of haunting atmospheres, puzzling and mind-crushing guitar harmonies, blood-chilling screams, pulsating baselines, and pulverizing drums. Look out for more streams to hit the airwaves soon - pre-order for tapes and digital products are now available from our Bandcamp and or store

(Press Note)

*Wow.  This is some seriously amazing post metal, blackgaze, noise rock, and experimental noise.  Mind Mold's self-titled EP was released on cassette via Sentient Ruin Laboratories on April 28th, 2017.  Overall, Mind Meld's debut EP is an absolute must listen for fans of titan, Old Man Gloom, The Alaskian, and other like-minded bands!  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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