666% pure ripping blackened thrash from spain. just the right amount of punk in the mix as well. damn this shit is good. if youre into all hell or wormwitch, (which you should be) then this is definitely required listening.

 also I know I had at least one reader waiting on a re up of the order of the vulture discog and my apologies for not getting that up yet but between work, house hunting, and a crappy slow internet that takes for ever to upload anything, if I don't just get frustrated and quit in the middle of it because zippyshare just quits the upload and I have to start over, I just haven't had time. so anyway ill refer all of you to the ootv bandcamp as now it has all of their official releases up for $1 a piece now along with several free demo and rehearsal recordings. besides those will probably be better quality than my old vinyl rips anyway.

free download available here, and id suggest picking up the new temple abattoir as well while youre there

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