Bandcamp EP / Demo Round-Up

I'll be honest, in my grumpy old age, I've grown to kinda hate short EP's or 7-inches. I don't really know why, but I have some friends that feel the same way, so I know I'm not too crazy. But, I've gathered up a few recent interesting 2-5 song offerings and I figured I'd just dump them here. Most are name your price on Bandcamp, if not there will be a download link, so check them out and grab them if you so choose.

KOMAROV - UK Emoviolence / Punk / Hardcore / Screamo

 LOVE/LUST - German Ambient / Post Metal / Blackgaze

STAY ASLEEP - Punk / Crust / D-Beat  from Chicago - DOWNLOAD

SVRM - Atmospheric / Post-Black Metal from the Ukraine

A NEEDLE UNDER THE NAIL - Metallic Hardcore from Florida - DOWNLOAD

SENTIENT DIVIDE - Blackened Hardcore / Death Metal from Washington

DOUR - Canadian Doom / Crust / Hardcore / Powerviolence

DEATHBRINGER - Canadian Blackened Crust / Doom / Metal

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