Devil Is Fine cover art


I rarely, and i mean RARELY, pay for mp3s. cds, records, tapes, stickers, and tshirts ill buy all day long. it takes something truly special to come along for me to break down and buy mp3s. this, my friends, is just that special. that being said, I'm not including any zippy links or anything for this. this is worth our monies and possibly our first born children sacrificed to whatever gods deemed us worthy of allowing it to grace our damaged eardrums. one listen and youll see what I mean. zeal and ardor is a one man (manuel gagneux) project out new York and has been getting well deserved praise from all over the place. to describe zeal and ardor is futile but ill do my best. imagine tom waits, ben harper and Genghis tron jamming together. Wearing corpse paint. On a chain gang. its a little black metal. a lot of soul. a little hip hop. a little electronica. a little blues. all done in the spirit of old negro spirituals. just reading that, it doesn't sound like it should work on any level. but it does just the opposite. in fact it beyond succeds on every level. in this universe or any other for that matter. you need this. so far this is in a dead heat with nails for album of the year for me. and unless the new ringworm or trap them come along and blow this out of the water, that wont change. ill say it again, you need this. we may not have known it, but we all needed this. you go buy now.


Anonymous said...

All this guy has done is rip of Dreadlords!

Jerm said...

Dont know much about dreadlords but what i have heard is like swans and nick cave sooo...no