TAPE EATER (2013-2016)

GENRE: Chaotic Hardcore, Mathcore, Noise, Post-Hardcor, Rock
FFO: KEN mode, Converge, Botch, Neck First, The Chariot

Heard about this band Tape Eater from New Bedford, Massachusetts when Voulge mentioned them in the chat (thanks!). I knew I would like them once he (or she) compared them to The Chariot. I can definitely see that comparison, epic & grandiose-sounding chaotic hardcore with some experimental & noise elements. Very cool stuff. I was happy to see their two releases were freely available on Bandcamp, but was bummed out to see that they played their last show earlier this year. That being said, you should definitely grab this stuff because it is great, even if there won't be any more to come.

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