Salvation-Discography (2007-2013)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Crust, Black Metal
Label: Youth Attack Records
Tracks: 30
Length: 48.0'

Salvation was a four piece band from Pennsylvania who existed from 2007-2013.  Salvation played a vicious, raw, and chaotic style of music that fused elements of hardcore, punk, crust, and black metal within their sound.  During their existence as a band, Salvation released two full length LPs and two EPs.  Salvation's discography includes a three song 7" titled Smoke And Mirrors, which was recorded in 2007 and released via Youth Attack records in 2015, a ten song LP titled Of Unforgiving Wind, which was recorded in 2008, and released via Youth Attack Records in 2015, a ten song LP titled Morality Interactions, which was recorded in 2010 and released via Youth Attack records in 2015, and a final 7" titled House Of The Beating Hell, which was recorded in 2012, and released via Youth Attack records in July of 2015.  Members of Salvation can currently be found playing in the band Night Sins.  Here's the band's complete discography.  Thanks to whoever dropped the discography off in the blog's shout box because the only release I was missing was the Smoke And Mirrors 7".  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

Salvation on Last FM
Youth Attack Records on Bandcamp
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                                                         Salvation-Smoke And Mirrors 7" (2015)

                                                         Salvation-Of Unforgiving Wind LP (2008)

                                                          Salvation-Morality Interactions LP (2010)

                                                         Salvation-House Of The Beating Hell 7" (2012)



Anonymous said...

smoke and mirrors is from 2007 band is dead since 2012

Chris Morris said...

Smoke And Mirrors was reissued on vinyl in 2015. It was originally a demo cassette. YA did a 100 copy limited release.

Tyrone said...

Is it possible to reupload these? Thanks!